Julian DeSchutter
Julian DeSchutter
A glimpses into the life & times of Julian DeSchutter

I create beautifully designed, high quality experiences that don't break the bank.

Starting and managing a business is hard. Whether you're a photographer, a restaurant, a dentist or a fashion designer, your brand's narrative – the looks, feelings and stories that make up your brand – is a pivotal part of getting customers to care about you.

I also know that you have a million other things you'd rather think about.

That's why I'm here.

I'm committed to working with you to create beautiful visuals, compelling stories, and engaging content.

You tell me about your company and why you exist, and I'll do the heavy lifting.

I don't do a lot, but what I do, I do really well.

Web Design

Where's the first place you go when you want to look up a company?
Their website.

Potential customers are online, looking for you. As one of the first impressions they will have of you, your site can gets them in or send them packing.


Ask yourself: does your brand get people to sit up and take notice?
It should.

Branding isn’t just logos and colours. It's about communicating the values, characteristics and attributes that define what your brand is… and isn't.


Doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.

I'll focus on connecting you with customers that care about why you exist and create on-going strategies to attract and retain them.

AKA my shameless attempt to impress you.

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Blush PHotography

Blush Photography is a Vancouver-based wedding & boudoir photographer. With a focus on beautifully vivid images of people, Blush needed a site that gave her the freedom to put people and photos front and centre.

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Flicka Gymnastics
Web Design

Flicka Gymnastics needed a site that delivered and displayed timely information about competitive and recreational gymnastics. The site had to host a lot of information, but deliver it in a way that was easy to digest and navigate.


Chasing Sunrise
Web Design, Branding, & Marketing

Chasing Sunrise is a community that defies the norms and status quo. We built our a brand that reflected their unique approach to life.

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Tall Paul is a Vancouver-based fashion, fitness, and lifestyle blogger who has a unique style he wanted brought to life digitally.

Web Design, Branding, & Marketing

WIDL designs and builds products that help the world love more. With strong values and a unique voice, it was crucial they had a site that reflected the way they wanted the world to view them!


Ashley Drody Photography
Web Design & Branding

Ashley Drody is a Vancouver-based lifestyle and landscape photographer. With a focus on vivid images of both people and the world, Ashley needed a site that put her photographer first and foremost.


Bluhouse Cafe
Web Design & Branding

A quite and cozy cafe, tucked away deep in the heart of Deep Cove, they needed their site to be comfortable and inviting, making guests feel the vibe long before they walked through the doors.


Hello Sandbox
Web Design, Branding, & Marketing

Hello Sandbox is a Vancouver-based non-profit that opened up The World's Largest Sandbox to raise money and awareness for kid's mental health. We made sure their passion for the cause resonated through every piece of marketing material that touched the public's hands.

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