Website Development Process


1. Site Exploration

Exploration with your team to determine who uses your site and why they use it. The goal is to figure out what areas are crucial and what are “nice to haves”. In this, we will also review your existing site to determine what you like and don’t like about it, as well as lay out the goals and success metrics for your new site.


2. Develop Site Requirements & Flow

Once we understand who uses the site and how, as well as what is vital to making the site a success, we will outline the site. This includes creating a site map, user flows, information architecture and individual page requirements. The copy and image requirements will also be determined here.


3. Website Design & Build

Developing the design of each page and template of the site and then turning the designed site into a working website.


4. Copywriting & Content

Working with your team to write and implement the copy and content requirements determined in Section 2.


5. Site Review

Reviewing the completed website with your team to determine any changes or revisions that will be required. Any changes and revisions will be completed until you’re happy with the final product.


6. Site Education

Running your team through the site, explaining how it works. The goal is to have a member on your team proficient with the site before launch!


7. Site Launch