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Good, professional branding and design foster trust and credibility with your investors. Today, more than ever, people are more design savvy and expect a higher level of brand design. It’s my goal to make sure your brand design feels aligned and powerful in order to appeal to the right investors for your business while remaining true to you.

Branding development and implementation includes:

  • Brand & Voice Development – Developing your brand design & voice – who you are and why it matters to an investor.

  • Presentations & Collateral Design – Design and execution of corporate presentation templates, banners, and additional collateral.

  • Ongoing Project Management – Managing additional brand and design projects.

Investor Communication

Ensuring your touch points keep investors in the know through mail campaigns

Building strong relationships with investors requires you communicate clearly and often.

Investor communication includes:

  • Email System Set-Up – Setting up an email management system that captures interested investors and makes it easy for you to keep them up to date with what the company is doing.



Behind every successful company is investors and behind every investor should be a strong relationship. Investor relationship management will help you develop and manage positive relationships with your investors by making it easier to understand who they are, what they need, and how to keep them engaged.

Database development, management, and automation includes:

  • Database System – Design, architect, and implement a database system that effectively captures and tracks key interactions with your investors, making it easier to provide them with updates and build personal relationships with them.

  • Database Automation – Implementation of IRM automation, ensuring that more information is captured and utilized with less effort.



Where's the first place you go when to learn about your company? Your website. Potential investors are online and looking for places to invest. As one of the first impressions they will have of you, your site can get them in or send them packing.

Website design, development, and management includes:

  • Website Development – Design and development of a new Sojourn website that effectively communicates Sojourn’s values and mission to investors and other key stakeholders.

  • Ongoing Development & Maintenance – Regular maintenance, posting, and updating content on the website.


Understanding and insight into your company

Understanding how your stock is performing relative to the past and its peers is a key piece of information that will help you communicate with investors more effectively, enabling you to build a story that keeps them engaged with your company and its story.

Market analysis involves:

  • Tracking and analyzing Sojourn’s stock for trends, house position changes, and unusual activity.

  • Provide periodic analytic summaries to appropriate parties, as well as notifications when there is unusual activity.

  • Provide information, interesting articles, and other materials on general and metal markets trends, investing trends, junior mining markets etc.

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