Created for Roger Johal & Ram Dhaliwal

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C-Best Construction builds quality residential homes and it needs a site to digitally represent the energy, effort and quality craftsmanship of the work you do.

It should give potential customers an understanding of what you can create for them and give them space to dream about what they can do with their home, ultimately converting them into qualified leads.

Upon completion, the site will accomplish a number of things:

  1. Communicate the values and craftsmanship of C-Best home;
  2. Showcase the services C-Best Construction's offers and why a customer should choose them;
  3. Beautifully display some of the previous projects C-Best has completed; and
  4. Turn interested visitors into leads.

After researching a number of other sites and looking at best practices, I believe your site should have six key sections:

  1. Home – sets the tone, values and overview of C-Best Construction, while showcasing your work, services and craftsmanship.
  2. Services – gives potential customers a deeper understanding of what you offer and the value of each. Will go into detail about each service and showcase example projects.
  3. Our Projects – showcases your previous high-quality projects, including engaging captions and high-quality images. The goal is to give potential customers a visual understanding of the work you do and give them an opportunity to understand what you can do for them. This will be inspired by Alair Custom Homes.
  4. About Us – gives customers an opportunity to get to know C-Best and your history.
  5. Request A Quote – provides an easy place for customers to inquire about working with C-Best Construction, turning them from visitors to qualified leads.
  6. Contact Us – used for general inquiries.


  1. A clean, modern and beautiful site that shows the services, values, and craftsmanship of C-Best Construction and captures the interest of potential customers turning them into leads.
  2. A site that is simple to manage and update content on, allowing you to update content on an on-going basis. The goal by the end of this is to have you self-supported in updating and managing the site.


1. Exploration
The project will begin with an exploration sessions to determine:

  • how you currently use your site and your frustrations with it;
  • who uses your current site and for what (customer-focused);
  • who the most important target audiences of the new site are; and
  • what information and areas are critical to the site’s success.

During this period we will also review competitor sites, view best practices and lay out the goals and success metrics for your new site.

2. Develop Site Requirements & Flow
Based on information determined in Stage 1, we will develop a page structure for the new site, as well as user flows, copy and image requirements and individual page requirements.

3. Website Design & Build
Review potential styles for the site and determine a design that is both effective and fits your brand and style. Once a base design has been chosen, the process will become iterative, developing and tweaking it on an on-going basis. Once the design has been finalized, the site will be built.

4. Copywriting & Content
Based on the copy and image requirements determined in Stage 2, we will work with you to develop and implement the content you want on the site. All content and images will be provided by C-Best Construction.

5. Site Review
Reviewing the completed website with your team to determine any changes or revisions that are necessary. Changes and revisions will be completed until you’re happy with the site.

6. Site Education
Before the site is launched, we will run a team member through the site, educating them on how it works and teaching them how to update and modify the site on an on-going basis. The goal is to have a member on your team proficient with the site before launch.

7. Site Launch
After the site has been approved by you, it will go live on your domain.



The total investment for the site, which includes research and exploration, design, development, iterations and education is $4,200 + GST. Payment would be spread out over two-terms, with the first 50% upfront and the second 50% upon completion and your satisfaction.

Note that this will not include your the on-ongoing hosting of your site, which will total approximately $200USD per year, payable to the host company.


The site will take approximately two months to build from inception to launch, but can be sped up if needed.

Previous Work:

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