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The Long story short…

Two years ago I bought my first pair of Boxfresh shoes. Admittedly, at the time I had no idea what Boxfresh was, but the kicks felt comfier than anything I had ever worn and looked damn good at the same time.

Initially, I had planned on rocking them as my city kicks, but before I knew it they were coming everywhere with me. I fell in love with

Two years later, after countless adventures, numerous photos shoots, and touching ground in countries around the world, I’m finally retiring my favourite pair of kicks.

The Canadian Rockies. The Grand Canyon. Mexico. Bali. The United

Before I go snag myself another pair of Boxfresh kicks, I’d love to chat with you guys and girls about partnering – trading some stories about my adventures with your shoes for some of your shoes themselves.

Take a look at the shots below and let me know what you think.

Some boxfresh moments…


In a world that's noisier than ever, this isn't just about putting up a post or two, it's about leveraging the relationships I've built with my audience to connect them to your brand, authentically. 

Each collab is the start of a new relationship for you, and furthering the relationship for me. It's lending the trust I've build with my community to your brand.

Because of that I'm a firm believer in only working on projects that authentically align with my adventure/athletic lifestyle. I won't do blatant product placements when my audience knows that I flat out don't use them because it's not good for me OR you.

That said, I always look forward to working with brands that are a part of my lifestyle, and working to creatively integrate them into my narratives.

All this leads to an authentic connection between you and my audience.

Some of My other Work

A video put together for Chasing Sunrise's Hut Trip 2016

Somehow we have come to believe that if it's not far and foreign, then it has little value. Yet adventuring in your own backyard is one of the most overlooked and cheapest ways of having more travel in your life, and can happen far more frequently then dropping everything and flying halfway around the globe. It's not about looking forward to a single trip that eats all your vacation time and travel budget, but about learning how to make the most of those 48 hour weekends we get, every single week. This is #CSHutTrip Video and blog post below. http://chasingsunri.se/blog/2016/7/22/theres-no-place-like-home And a huge shout out to Max Bailey for putting this together. #ChasingSunrise #JansportCanada #ItsGoodToBeHere #MySeair

Posted by Chasing Sunrise on Thursday, September 1, 2016

Some ways We Could PLay Together

  • Content Creation – 

  • Brand Ambassadorship Social Sharing Through My Brand

  • Instagram Posts, Takeovers & Campaigns

  • Snapchat Takeovers & Campaigns

  • Content Creation - Photoshoots, Videos, & Blog Posts

  • Social Media Management

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