I Thought We Lived In A Democracy?


My problem with the federal government’s pipeline approval isn’t even how dangerous putting in a pipeline across some of the most pristine lands in the world could be – although anytime you require hundreds of restrictions and have an irreversible consequence from a failure, you know it’s probably trouble.

My problem with the pipeline isn’t even how it is shipping valuable, long-term jobs to foreign countries for the sake of short-term profit – although we have seen repeatedly how that turns out for the nations that do that.

See, my problem with the approval of the pipeline is that we are supposed to be living in a god damn democracy. And when the government simply turns their back to what the people think about a certain issue and approve it anyways, the trust in the democracy splinters, fragments, and ultimately gets shattered.

That’s my problem with this all.

This decision says to the people that built this country, that their voice does not matter. That they can have any opinion, but if it isn’t what the government wants, it’s irrelevant.

Then, one by one, the people start to feel helpless. They feel their voice is mute and they slowly stop caring. In the end, you end up with an uninspired population, feeling helpless to the whims of their own government.

And in a country like ours, with our vast resources and intelligent population, there is no reason that this should ever happen.

But if it does, I can assure you that the losses, economic or societal, are far greater than any pipeline can make up for.