Why Would You Ever Give Back?

I’ve always believed that giving back is something you do from day one, weaved into the fabric of who you are. It’s about building an internal desire to promote the welfare of others.

Because of this, increasingly over the past year, I have focused on incorporating “giving back” into everything I do. From putting together The Status New's inaugural charity bike ride last summer, to founding my first non-profit, Passage Give, in December, and starting #TheNewNek in February, this last year has been a humbling, emotional and eye-opening journey. I was never really sure how to put into words exactly why I want to help, but this ad helps to sum up exactly why I do what I do. I recommend watching it and then thinking about how you can incorporate more of it into your life.

The truth is, there is no amount of money that can buy the emotions I feel when I witness the happiness, the relief, or the gratitude in others, all created because I was willing to put myself out there and help. Even more than that though, giving back has helped me reach a deeper understanding of myself, my life and the purpose of it all. In short, I receive what money can’t buy – a life of purpose. 

And I’m always looking for awesome people to do put events on with. If it’s your thing or you don’t know where to start, reach out.

Julian DeSchutterComment