21 Damn Early Days – Day 4

Afternoon "workday" hot tubs

In bed by 10:23PM. Up at 5:22AM.
Day 4 of 21 Damn Early Days… involved snooze.

It’s day 4 and I stumbled a little bit. Although I wanted to believe it wouldn’t happen at all, it was inevitable. Changing habits like this is hard. I ended up staying out later than I wanted, but it was well excused by the good conversation and even better friends I was with. By the time I got home, it was past 9:00PM and I was still wide-awake. I didn’t end up crawling into bed until 10:30PM and with less than 6 hours till wake up, I knew chances were slim.

I woke up at 4:30AM, but snooze was just too good. I ended up getting up shortly after 5 laughing at myself a little as I thought about it: I slept in… till 5:22AM.

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to switch up my morning routine today. Normally, it’s up and into the gym before I know I’m even awake. Today, I woke up, did a quick 20-minute cardio session to get my blood moving and then dove into an hour and a half of the hardest stuff I had to do today.

Two words: life changing.

I ended up focusing on 40 emails I had been avoiding for weeks. Just long replies I hadn’t gotten to for whatever reason. After about 2 hours every single one of them was gone. While it was simple, it was liberating. Definitely something worth continuing.

Spending the first 2 hours on my hardest task set the tone for the rest of the day and by 1:00PM I was done everything I “had to” do. While it was still 7 hours of [more or less straight] work, I got more than double what I normally get done accomplished. All in all a worthwhile experiment worth repeating.

The best part of all of it though, at 1:00PM my work day was over. Down to the gym, some handstands, 30 laps in the pool and then an afternoon hot tub session while everyone else was working.

I think I might be on to something good.

On to Day 5.

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