21 Damn Early Days

I have this crazy idea…

Inspired by Filipe Mastro’s 21 Early Days, Monday to Friday for the next three weeks I’ll be getting up at 4:30 in the morning*.

Maybe I’m going crazy or maybe I’m just curious, but I want to see what life is like with an extra 2 or 3 hours in the morning. While it probably sounds like hell to most, the thought of getting up at 4:30AM and having enough uninterrupted free time to workout, hot tub, grab morning coffee, go for a walk, have a good chat, eat breakfast, get ready for the day and get a few hours of work done – all before 9:00AM – is exhilarating.

Over the last few years, I’ve transitioned from being a night owl to falling in love with the morning. It’s a beautiful place (see picture above). Up before everyone else, it’s peaceful, quiet and gives me the freedom to get a lot done – uninterrupted. While 4:30AM is something I don’t usually do, doing it for three weeks seems like enough time to figure out if it’s something worth continuing to pursue. It’s long enough to fully change my routine and give it a good run.

To be completely honest, the thought of starting this is intimidating. Sticking to it will be a huge commitment. The discipline to be in bed when the world’s still moving is going to be tough, but I’ve got a pretty good support system including a roommate who’s also crazy enough to get up every day at 4:30AM – and hold me accountable.

I’ll be writing about it, partially to share my insight and partially to keep me accountable. Feel free to follow along (@deshoots on Twitter), ask questions, or if you’re really feeling it, join me for a 5:00AM gym session. I may even pay your drop-in fee if you’re crazy enough to show up.

Now, time to go to bed.

Good night (seriously)

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