I AM AN entrepreneur

My passion intersects between building things people care about and telling awesome stories about them. This has lead me to building companies, charities, projects, cultures and communities. I love the blank canvas and adventures that starting something new brings.

I have a natural curiosity about life,which often leads me to interesting situations most would not find themselves in. This also gives me some really good stories to tell. I believe that imagination and creativity are the two things we have in complete abundance and I use them as such. I encourage you to do the same.

I like to push boundaries on what I and others think can be done and I’ve [thankfully] come to realize just how short life is. For me, this isn’t something I find discomfort in, but rather it is my motivation to make the most of what I have.

I consider myself a designer – carefully planning the form, look and workings of a life I am passionate about living – and an author – writing the story of my life as I see fit, and sharing excerpts and glimpses along the way. I love adventures, surfing, long car rides, movement, yoga, health & fitness and anything that makes me feel alive.

While my goal may not be to live forever, it is to create things that will.

If you are inspired by me, I am grateful. But please, don't try to be like me. Be yourself. And be very good at being yourself.


I am a designer.

I am a builder.